Posted on 11/03/17
Runtime: 01:07

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Posted on 11/03/17
Runtime: 1:28:00


Black Luck  

Copyright © 2016 Buck Hagen Productions LLC., Distribution by Indie Rights Movies
  • Genre :Drama
  • Website :
  • Directors : Jason Levering, David M. Weiss
  • Producers : David M. Weiss, Garrett Sheeks, Jason Levering, Aaron Smith
  • Writer : Jason Levering, Garrett Sheeks
  • Associate Producer : Dr. Tom Huerter, Tim Welch, Matt Patterson, Sean Nohrenberg, Tom Sain
  • Crew : Aaron Smith, Matt Patterson, Sean Nohrenberg,
  • Main Cast : Garrett Sheeks, Karrie Bauman, Jeff Gamble, Jeff Luby, Jason Levering
  • Composer : Brad Hoshaw
  • Sound Design : Alexanader Hamilton
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A hitman in hiding struggles to keep his monsters at bay when his dark past comes calling. Some days your LUCK just goes BLACK.